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Emotional reunifor Patna Girl with her Saviour in Delhi

It was an emotional reunion for Amrita, a girl who was given only a week to live when she was four, with her saviour and good Samaritan Dr. Rajesh Acharya in the Capital on Saturday.

It was not without reason that Amrita Acharya’s parents gave her the surname of the neurosurgeon who successfully performed a brain surgery on her at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in 2003. Not only that, Dr. Acharya even persuaded the hospital’s management to give the girl free surgery as her parents did not have enough money and she faced a certain death.

Amrita’s distraught parents, both educationists in Bihar, did not have Rs.1 lakh for her operation. Amrita was brought to the hospital in a comatose condition.

Hailing from the Samastipur district of Bihar, the then four-year-old Amrita used to get high fever, fits, suffer acute pain and become unconscious. Doctors in Patna had come to the conclusion that she only had a week to live as they suspected a brain tumour.

“Instead of a cancerous tumour, I unearthed a large quantity of pus in the brain in the four-hour surgery. Eventually, the pus was drained out and Amrita regained consciousness after a fortnight. As doctors we get decorated with prestigious awards, but for me the biggest reward has been that this sweet and sensitive girl and her family came to express their gratitude to me after so many years,” a moist-eyed Dr. Acharya told The Hindu.

On Teachers’ Day, Amrita, who came to the Capital all the way from Samastipur with her grandfather, thanked the doctor for giving her a second lease of life.

Having grown up listening how Dr. Acharya saved her life, Amrita idolises him and even wants to follow in his footsteps.

“Dr. Acharya had to struggle for my operation. I owe him my life. Thanks to his intervention, I lead a normal life today. Since I have realised how precious life is, I am concentrating more on academics than watching films, though I enjoyed Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express,” she said.

This Class VIII student, who enjoys playing kabaddi and whose favourite book is Anne Frank’s The Dairy of a Young Girl, aspires to become a doctor. She wants to do something for the humanity at large and feels that doctors are no less than angels for critical patients. 

Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Delhi/emotional-reunion-for-patna-girl-with-her-saviour-in-delhi/article5106651.ece

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Thoracic Surgery

Centre for Chest Surgery at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

I am a patient by the name Abdinoor Kassim Ali, age 46 years. I was diagnosed with myasthenia in 2015. I had under gone treatment and non the less I was retreated by my doctor Dr. Hooker Juzza from Kenya to undergo a surgeon for the remove of my thymus gland.

After a long research in the internet and through goggling I found one of the best robotic surgeon is carried out by the thoracic department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital headed by the best doctor that I have even encountered that none other than Dr. Prof. Arvind Kumar and Ish Anand (neurology department).

The staff that we have encountered were very humble, friendly and very much hospitable. We have never regretted our stay. May the almighty God the doctor, bless the work of your hands.

Being a Kenyan citizen we will take back a good name of the entire staff and the hospital.

With thanks

Abdinoor Kassin Ali

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

• My Experience with Dr. Arvind Kumar was very good. I was worried about this surgery but after meeting Dr. Arvind and he explain each & everything in to manner this surgery becomes so simple for me.

Amrita’s distraught parents, both educationists in Bihar, did not have Rs.1 lakh for her operation. Amrita was brought to the hospital in a comatose condition.

Vijay Kumar Dhingra

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

Dr. Arvind Kumar

I am writing to express my gratitude for the treatment I received from your hands last month.. Its a great feeling to know that you have someone to rely on in times of bad health. We came to Delhi 2 months ago.. With a huge fear & no place to go. From the moment we saw you for the first time. Knew that not trusting you would be a crime. You are a Hero not because you are the reason my surgery was a success. But because you dealt with a rare case & You had challenged your 25 years of experience, Your surgery gave my life a new beginning; It was your wisdom & your confidence which increased my will power to live!! I was an ordinary patient of ordinary means but your team took care of me as if I was the most important person on earth. Thank you for your services.

Dr. Belal
Because of your smile & professional look There were no worries at all!! Even million Thank you would not be enough. To express how much you did for me.

My smiling face is a reflection Of your positive attitude & the right direction

Thank you so much for your great work For your skills & a constant support. We wish you the best &so much more, You are truly the Doctor we asked for.

The night mare of my illness slowly became a dream of recovery, all thanks to a wonderful doctor who changed my destiny.!!Chal uth bhag!! were your words helped me to move from bed to treadmill.

More than a good doctor, I value the fact that you were a good listener. And you were like !!Aur bol koi taklif koi pain!! Thank u for helping me.

Dr. Vivek
The very thought of hospitalization is scary and traumatizing. But caring doctor like you make it friendly and pleasing. Every morning you used to wake us up and motivate us. Thank you

I feared hospitals but your friendly nature made hospitalization very pleasant.

Thank you all for helping me to live again with my baby, my life, my relatives and letting me see this beautiful world again..

Teju Sancheti Sanghavi

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

Dr Arvind Kumar....our Demi God /our saviour ....someone whom we consider to be one of the most important person that God has sent to us to meet in our life time. I went to him when i was diagnosed with a tumour in my chest known as Thymoma...never ever heard about this before....not knowing where my life would end. we went to him from Bangalore and even the most complicated thing as this was handled with so much love/affection /sincerity and knowledge. Words are not enough to write about him. His dedication to all his patients/the time he spends on the well being of each of his patient is not even funny. We really found it hard to figure out , on how he manages his time for all this in addition to replying to every query sent to him on Whatspp by his patients and students.. He gave me courage/confidence to come out of this massive surgery . He made me climb stairs the third day for fast recovery and in 10 days after my surgery i was sent back to Bangalore. His eye for detail still intrigues me when once in the ICU i saw him picking up a spelling mistake of a medicine 's name in a 7 page massive spread sheet which had my details .Honestly he is an Angel sent by God to serve human . .when you are blessed to have a doctor like him half of your trauma is taken care off.. I pray more and more people ( who needs him )reach out to him for any kind of assistance in his field of expertise

Kankana Barua

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

Dr Arvind Kumar has performed very complex thoracic surgery on me which was given up by other doctors in country. The surgery result was outstanding & recovered also in few days and back to normal working life. He has highest experience in country in Robotic Thoracic , lung transplant surgeries and he has treated highest patients in rare tumour thymoma. He saved many lives by handling complex surgeries associated with breathing issues , windpipe as well as cases in road accidents. More on that he started lung care foundation to spread awareness on lung cancer , smoking. He is conducting seminars through lung care foundation. He is not only doctor but kind person who pledged to always serve patient to make his life better....thanks Dr Arvind... Rohit Japtiwale Mumbai

Rohit Japtiwale

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

Greetings Dear Sir, Imteaj is alright now and doing exercises as well also gained some weight. All our relatives, friends and well wishers are amazed to see his present health condition because till his young age he used to stay at hospital and now he is leading completely normal life with every challenges.

Shahin Sultana

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

Dr Arvind Kumar, I personally congratulate you for your commendable robotic surgery for Thymoma. This is really a service to humanity.

Dr. P.D.Motiani

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

Anmol Nazir remained admitted in the hospital from 9th September to 17thSeptember 2015 and during the period it was observed that the patient care stands at priority and for this the doctors and para-medical staff provide dedicated and committed to their profession.


Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

All the facilities provided by the hospital ware excellent. Doctor's and nursing staff are very caring. I would especially thanks to Dr. Arvind Kumar for his superb diagnosis and advices. I would appreciate that there is a multi speciality hospital available on which we can rely on.

Poonam Dutta

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

• I remember running here and there taking my brother Imran Azad for his treatment of pleural effusion. And we were so lucky to land at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and meet Dr. Arvind Kumar. He certainly is one of the best in his field and a pioneer without any doubt. We are thankful to Allah that we discovered him before it was too late. We are grateful to Dr. Arvind Kumar.

Rizwan Azad

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

I was suffering from Left Side pneumothorax. I want to multiple drs and they put a chest Tube and the problem solved for a while only to re-occur again after 2 months. I want to another Dr who again put another chest tube which was removed in 2 days. 4months later, I had another episode, I then searched on Internet and went to Dr. Arvind Kumar who is.a Chest Surgeon. In my first visit Dr. Kumar told me I require a surgery for Bleb in my Lung. I was admitted the next day for the surgery in afternoon which was done by Key-Hole(VATS) method. There were multiple blebs in my left lung which were taken out and I was discharged out of hospital in 2 days. It has been a year, I have suffered no episodes. I think he is a great dr. who took excellent care of my condition and has a very well trained team to handle Key-Hole Chest Surgery.


Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

Before saying that you are an extraordinary doctor, I want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being Thank you and God bless you. With all our love and deep appreciation for all you have done for Mudit Panday and for US . We Thank You and Your Whole Team for your kindness, support and caring. We feel blessed to have you as Mudit 's doctor. Thank you so much again.

Aparnaa K Sharma

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

• Thank you so much, Dr. Arvind Kumar. I am extremely grateful for the second life you have given to my younger brother, Mudit Pandey. A big 'Thank You' to you and the entire team at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. We are extremely indebted.

Abhinav Dixit

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

• Dear Doctor Arvind... I thank you with all my heart for giving a new life to my nephew. You have indeed with your extraordinary precision & skill given a second inning to not only Mudit..but my Bhaiyaa Vinod Kumar Pandey & Bhaabi as well.. We are all indebted to you for all you have done. God bless you.. & may you grant the gift of disease free life to many others. Thank you Doctor. Thank you so much again

Anupama Mishra

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

Respected Dr. Arvind Kumar.. This is a letter of thanks from your patient Shivani who was treated by you from Myasthenia Gravis on 13-08-14. Sir all I want to say is that I have now seen a doctor like you. You treat your patient not only with your knowledge and medicine but with care patience. You treat them as your child.


Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

It was in the month of August (Last week) when I met Dr. Arvind. My mind was in a state of utter confusion on the ongoing pre investigations I had undergone in July- August.

Upon my meeting Dr. Arvind I was explained in detail of the problem with utmost clarity, process and a way forward. This one hour with Dr Arvind at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital changed my perspective and confidence to such a level which I cannot explain.

The crystal clear thought process steps to move ahead and the "SPECIAL TOUCH" is something that I have not felt before- a rare phenomenon!

The surgery as done as planned, on time, with a staff support of such excellent standards -unbelievable!!

Most important, Dr. Arvind lifted my spirit and morale gave such level of preparation that I walk out of the hospital in perfect state-having climbed ground to floor7 on day 2 of the surgery!!! The Entire Surgery team lead by the "General" Dr. Arvind Kumar is FANTASTIC!!!

Mr. Sunil Ahi, Delhi

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

• Rarely has a hospital admission for a serious surgery been such an exemplary experience as this one with Dr Arvind Kumar and his team. Dr Arvind is a master at his work, perfection personified. But that is expected of him. What makes the experience satisfying to the core is his deep understanding of human psychology, his patience and ability to explain complex issues to his patient with ease. He is amazingly connected with his patient. His team, comprising of Dr Bilal and Dr Vijay and the support staff are geared to run the entire event from admission to discharge with fine-tuned precision. It is evident that Dr Arvind leads by example. My family and I will stay indebted to Dr Arvind and his team.

Mr. Ravinder Garg, Gurgaon

Treated by Centre for Chest Surgery Team at SGRH

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