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Complete Freeze Dryer system for the
Deptt of Microbiology

Addl. Director Medical Services, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital invites sealed tender under two-bid system (Part I - Technical Bid & Part- II - Financial Bid) for supply of Complete Freeze Dryer system for the Deptt of Microbiology.
The interested bidders may access the detailed technical specifications from www.sgrh.com/tender . The last date for submission of the complete bid is Saturday, 17/06/2017 by 1500 hrs IST.
The acceptance of tender is the prerogative of Addl. Director Medical Services, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, who reserves the right to accept / reject a part / whole or all tender without assigning any reason. No inquiry in this regard, shall be entertained.
Dr. Chand Wattal
Principal Investigator
Dr. Reena Kumar



Sealed Tenders are invited for supply of Complete Freeze Dryer system for the Deptt of Microbiology from reputed manufacturers / authorized distributors with track record of supplies and acceptance to leading tertiary care hospitals / institutions.

Detailed specifications of the item under consideration including other terms and conditions can be downloaded from our website www.sgrh.com/tender w.e.f. 30/05/2017.

The last date for submission of the complete bid is Saturday, 17/06/2017 by 1500 hrs IST in the office of Addl. Director Medical Services.

General Terms & Conditions: -

  1. ) Detailed specification of the equipment under consideration is enclosed as Annexure ‘A’.
  2. ) The bids are required to be submitted under two - bid mechanism preferably in a sealed cover as per detail.
    1. ) Part - I : Technical Bid (should not contain any financials)
    2. ) Part - II : Financial Bid
    The bidders must submit the tender documents in separate envelope addressed to Addl. Director Medical Services, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi - 110 060 and should also indicate the complete postal address of the bidder.
  3. ) Each bidder shall submit application fees of Rs. 2,000/- (Rupees Two Thousand Only) (NON - REFUNDABLE) through Demand Draft in favour of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, payable at New Delhi along with their bid application.
  4. ) Tender Schedule:
    1. ) Date of uploading advertisement on SGRH website : 30/05/2017
    2. ) Last date of submission tender : 17/06/2017
    3. ) Date of opening technical bids : 21/06/2017 1400 hrs.
    4. ) Date of opening financial bids : 28/06/2017 1400 hrs.
  5. ) The bids shall be opened as per above schedule in the presence of constituted members of the internal committee and the participated bidders.
  6. ) To enclose following documents citing organizational health preferably self - attested.
    1. ) Bidders should be in existence for a minimum of three years with average annual turn - over of Rs. 2.00 Crores and have been regular supplier to leading tertiary care hospitals / institutions. The supporting documents viz. certificate of incorporation / copy of valid TIN no. may be enclosed.
    2. ) Constitution of the firm / proprietorship / partnership firm / Private Limited firms including details of Directors / Partner(s) etc. may be defined along with necessary supporting documents.
    3. ) Copies of ITR for the last three years
    4. ) Copies of Vat Return for the last three years.
    5. ) Copy of PAN No.
    6. ) Audited Balance sheet for the last three years.
  7. ) No tender would be entertained after due date and time.
  8. )The bidder should quote the rates inclusive of al levies, packing and forwarding, insurance, freight and any other incidental charges on the FOR basis upto the hospital premises except VAT (Value Added Tax) / CST (Central Sale Tax) which should be mentioned separately. The hospital will not consider any other charges over and above the quoted rates.
  9. ) The SGRH will not issue any “C” / “D” forms. The bidders are requested to quote their rates accordingly.
  10. ) The rates quoted by bidders shall remain firm and no escalation on any account whatsoever will be entertained except on account of statutory levies, which will be considered by the Competent Authority of the hospital at its sole discretion on production of such documentary evidence as may be desired.
  11. ) The bidder shall furnish a list of organization(s) where the product in question, has / have been supplied during the last two years of the concerned manufacturer / distributor etc. and should provide performance certificate from such organization in respect thereof. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital may require, at its discretion, such purchase orders or other documentary evidence as Addl. Director Medical Services may deem fit and bidder will substantiate with documents as may be required.
  12. ) The bidder shall also provide a declaration that the final price for item after negotiation / consideration of the committee is the lowest being supplied elsewhere in other institutions.
  13. ) The supply shall have to be made strictly in accordance with the delivery schedule stipulated in the purchase orders, unless extension is obtained in writing from the Competent Authority. In case of non-supply of the equipment within the stipulated delivery period, the hospital shall impose penalty @1% per week or a maximum of 10% of the order value on account of delayed delivery.
  14. ) The competent authority of hospital shall be the final authority to reject full or any part of the supply, which is not conforming to the specifications and other terms and conditions.
  15. ) All disputes pertaining to the terms & conditions of the tender, in between the tenderer and the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital will be referred to the sole arbitrator (as per the provision of Arbitration and Conciliation Act “1996”) to a person to be appointed by the Chairman, BOM, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. The decision of the Chairman, BOM shall be final and binding on both the parties. The venue of arbitration shall be at New Delhi.
  16. ) Courts of Delhi Jurisdiction alone shall have power to entertain and adjudicate upon any dispute pertaining to this tender.
  17. ) Any action on the part of the bidder to influence anybody in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital will be taken as an offence, he/they will not be allowed to participate in the tender enquiry and their offer will not be considered.
  18. ) Any material rejected by SGRH for any reason must be removed from hospital premises within three working days on receipt of information from the hospital; otherwise hospital would be at its liberty to dispose of in any manner without any further recourse to the supplier. Any expenses in this regard shall be borne by the supplier. No payment shall be made for rejected items.
  19. ) The bidder / suppler shall furnish an affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 10/- duly notarized which should be submitted alongwith the tender that there is no vigilance/CBI case pending against the firm/supplier and the firm has not been disqualified/blacklisted in the past by any Govt. or Private Organization.
  20. ) If the tendered goods require a license from Central / State Govt. or any other authorized / statutory body / agency for its procurement of import, it shall entirely be the responsibility of the bidder to apply and arrange for the same.
  21. ) The supply / delivery of goods will have to be made on FOR basis upto Material Receiving Department in the hospital premises in perfect and so und condition.
  22. ) Normal, payment terms are 30 days after due inspection and acceptance / approval of stores by the appropriate authorities, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  23. Miscellaneous Terms & Conditions

  24. )The bidders have the option to quote the price in INR or in foreign currency preferably with five years warranty.
  25. ) Payment Terms
    1. ) Rates for CIF value incase of direct import with stipulation of 80% payment against negotiations of documents and balance 20% upon installation.
    2. ) Rates on FOR Hospital basis for rupee payment offers. Advance payment restricted to 20% against PDC / B.G. to ensure adherence of delivery period, 40% on satisfactory delivery of the goods and balance 40% upon installation & certification by the User Deptt.
  26. ) Warranty The quotations should preferably contain TWO YEARS warranty from manufacturers. All major accessories / attachments should be included in the warranty.
  27. ) Post Warranty Charges: To specify AMC / CMC Charges after completion of initial warranty in advance.
  28. ) To indicate exclusions / consumables required on regular basis to be listed with rates and applicable taxes thereof.
  29. ) Uptime of equipment: Minimum 95% on pro-rata basis.
  30. ) Delivery period: To be indicated.
  31. ) Mention of name of the manufacturer and the country of origin
  32. ) Manufacturer’s Certificate: The equipment / instruments so supplied shall have to be new and not refurbished. Certificate from manufacturer that all items are new and not re-furbished and guarantee to replace free of cost any equipment / instrument found to be re-furbished should be attached with your supply.
  33. ) Hardware / Software Upgrade:
    1. All Hardware and Software upgrades shall be provided to free of cost during the warranty period.
    2. Original Licenses, keys, password if any applicable shall also be provided free of charge during warranty period / Post Warranty CMC period.
    3. You will also integrate the equipment with PACS installed in the Hospital, if applicable. In case of applicability, you shall provide all compatible DICOM Standard and Optional Licenses including STORAGE with Archive Commitment, MPPS, PRINTING WORKLIST and Query / Retrieve free of cost. Any additional compatible DICOM / HL 7 Licenses if required in future for integration of PACS, RIS to be provided as free of cost.
  34. ) Installation & Training shall be provided to the hospital free of cost. You will keep close liaison with the user Deptt for timely delivery of the goods / fulfillment of pre – installation requirements, if any. It will be also be your responsibility to obtain any licenses / permissions from AERB / BARC if applicable
  35. ) Integration of the equipment with existing HIS / proposed HIS shall be provided free of cost by you

Annexure “A”


Complete Freeze Dryer system in which Pre-freezing on the tray, Freeze Drying and Automatic Stoppering of Vials can be done. The Freeze Dryer System must also offer the facility for freeze drying in Flasks apart from tray drying.

  • System should be bench top design and capable of handling low eutectic point samples apart from aqueous samples.
  • Should have a stainless steel collector coil condenser capable of holding 2.5 liters of more ice before defrosting.
  • Should have two 1/3 hp HCFC/ CFC-free refrigeration system to cool collector chamber temperature to -80C or lower.
  • The system should be capable of removing 1.8 liters or more water in 24 hrs.
  • In-built Pneumatic stoppering mechanism / Automatic with single processing refrigerated and heated shelf of 12.4”w x 14.5” d (41.9cm x 30.5) and at least 175 square inches or more area.
  • The shelf temperature should be programmable & controlled between the range from -55° C to +50° C.
  • Should have one Probe for monitoring sample temperature.
  • System must allow Pre freezing in tray up to -75°C or lower.
  • Should have at least four inbuilt neoprene valves on the machine to freeze Dry in flasks
  • The controller should have memory to store at least five programs.
  • The system should have Vacuum control option to maintain set point vacuum level.
  • Should Built in Hot gas / automatic defrost of collector chamber for faster defrosting between the batches.
  • Should have LCD / LED that displays system operating parameters, set Up parameters and alarm messages. It may be user Configured to display vacuum in mBar, Pa or Torr & Temperature in ° F or ° C.
  • The display should also give the information like total number of hours of refrigeration operation and since the Refrigeration was serviced and the total number of hours of vacuum pump operation and since the vacuum pump was serviced.
  • The system should have an Audible and visual alarm system for alarm conditions like Power failure (Inbuilt feature to protect the system from Power cuts / failure), Improper line voltage supply, Collector temperature rise above –40° C, Service vacuum pump (after 1000 hours of vacuum use), Moisture in collector.
  • The system should have a RS232 Port to transmit data to a user supplied computer.
  • Should be supplied with Combination Rotary Vane / Diaphragm vacuum pump designed for use with acid and other harsh chemicals with minimum displacement capacity of 90 L/min. Ultimate vacuum (partial pressure ) 2 x 10-3 mbar (1.5 micron). Includes one liter bottle of vacuum pump oil, power switch, power cord & plug.
  • If quoting on behalf of foreign manufacturer an authorization letter specific for this particular enquiry / tender must be enclosed otherwise the quotation will not be considered.
  • Other important accessories such as flasks, ampules, serum bottles etc. to be quoted in the optional.